Christmas Party

We finally got there and were able to hold our Christmas Party in February. You can never be sure how many members would turn up but on the night, in the end, there were 50 of us which is a good number. Mike Palmer was very easy to find as he was wearing a multi-coloured jumper with fluffy balls hanging off it. We were being very orderly as we queued one table at a time at the buffet table, which was exceptionally well provisioned. Even with the 50 of us doing our best there was still some food left at the end of the evening. The quality of the food was reflected in the noticeable drop in sound levels as the feast began.

Thanks to Patrick there was a really good selection of raffle prizes including screwdriver sets, brake bleeding sets and the inevitable sponges, so, we should get some really clean cars at singleton Show.

This was a really good evening with another chance to chat with good friends. Thanks to Mike Jones for organising the food and to everyone who turned up.